About Me

This has been initiated as a part of the Suicide Prevention helpdesk of Makro Foundation.
Suicide Prevention Helpdesk is a helpline that provides free, confidential counseling to the people who are in emotional/psychological crisis by professionally trained counselor.

The purpose of Suicide Prevention Helpdesk is:
To Provide Information, listen, understand, provide help, guidance, on issues related to Mental and Emotional health like -depression, stress, suicide, suicidal tendencies and its prevention through:phone, email,letter or chat.

Prospective caller for whom this service is intended:

1.A Person Feeling depressed, lonely and desperate, hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty, in crisis, any family / relationship / or personal problems / low Self Esteem.
2. Suicidal/have thoughts/feelings of suicide.
3.Worried about someone who is suicidal

For further details log on to: http://www.suicidehelpdesk.org/