Nov 10, 2011

Understanding Concentration

One day Sumukh was asked by his mother to bring 6 types of cereals, 5 kinds of fruits and cooking colours, after buying some cereals he called his mom.  Till finishing the purchase he kept on calling his mother almost 4 times.

Rakesh was gifted a wristwatch by his father.  He was looking the watch for more 3 minutes that was observed by his father, and he asked the time.  Rakesh again looked the watch & then he told the time.
Sumukh introduced his friend Karthik to Rakesh, telling “ this is Karthik, my friend…”, At the end of the conversation Rakesh asks Karthik, “ May I know your name”?
This is not only the problem of Sumukh, Rakesh. Even we have also faced the similar situation and it’s due to lack of concentration. So, now we have to find all the possible ways to strengthen the ability of concentration. Before that, we should know what’s concentration and its  significance.

What is concentration?
Concentration means focus of mind.  In simple words concentration is nothing but being alert and without any diversion in mind.Concentration also means keeping one’s mind & thoughts on one thing with focused attention on the same thing/aspect.

Importance of Concentration
  • Necessary to complete many tasks
  • Inability to concentrate results in frustration and stress
  • Good concentration will enable you to remember more
  • Concentration is one of the major tools to achieve success in any area. 
  • Remembering & recollecting ability, which is nothing but so called memory

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