Feb 18, 2013

Instant Stress Relief

Every one wants to relieve themselves from stress as quickly as possible. Its about making a couple of small changes in our habits/lifestyle..
Deep Breathing: When you practice deep breathing you help slow your heart rate and relax your body, helping us feel calm and in control. With deep breathing we inhale more oxygen that clears our mind and restores our body. Furthermore, if you focus on your breathing you can take your mind of what is causing you stress. Try it
Beat Stress through  Walking : One of the best instant stress relief tips I know of. If you feel stressed or irate about something or someone, just go and take a walk around the block or to a park. Any form of recreation and sports can help your stress relief. Do exercises that you like and stress could dissapear instantly.
It's alright to Cry:Our body’s natural way to relieve itself of stress is through crying. Crying is good for us, afterwards many feel more alieved and stress free. Your tears are how your body disposes of stressful a chemical, that’s why you feel more relaxed after you cry.
Talk or Write: Keeping it all inside only makes it worse. Vent out to a friend, someone who will listen and understand. You can also express yourself through writing, keep a journal where you can place all your thoughts and feelings, get the stress out.
Laugh it out:Laughter is natural stress reliever and it can help you quickly reduce your stress. Humor is really everyday opportunity for personal stress relief. We all know that life without a humor can be boring and depressed. So laugh out loud and forget your stress.

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