Aug 12, 2013


 Stigma A Major Barrier for Suicide Prevention
 "World Suicide Prevention Week from 1st   September 2013- 10 th September 13”

FACT SHEET OF SUICIDE STATISTICS 2012 (NCRB)  Suicide is the act of intentionally or deliberately terminating one's own life i.e. Suicide occurs when a person ends his/her life. Suicide is amongst the top 10 causes of Death in India.
  • 15 Suicides took place every one hour during the year 2012. 371 Suicides per day.
  • 242 Suicides by Male per day
  • 129 Suicides by Female per day out of which 60 were House-wives.
  • 140 Suicides per day in the age group 0-29 years
  • 135 Suicides per day in the age group 30-44 years.
  • 105 Suicides per day in the age group 45 years & above.
  • More than one lakh persons (1,35,445) in the country lost their lives by committing suicide during the year 2012.
  • It is observed that social and economic causes have led most of the males to commit suicides whereas emotional and personal causes have mainly driven females to end their lives.
  • The overall male : female ratio of suicide victims for the year 2012 was 65:35. However, the proportion of boys : girls suicide victims (upto 14 years of age) was 49:51.
  •  Nearly 71.6% of the suicide victims were married males while 67.9% were married females.
  • Tamil Nadu (12.5%), Maharashtra (11.9%), West Bengal (11.0%), Andhra Pradesh (10.5%) and Karnataka (9.4%), togather contributed 55.3% of total suicide victims.
  • Tamil Nadu has reported the highest number of suicide victims (accounting for 12.3%) in 2010, third highest in 2011 (accounting for 11.8%) and highest in 2012 (accounting for 14.0%).
  • The suicide rate in cities (11.9) was slightly higher as compared to all-India suicide rate (11.2).

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