Feb 28, 2014


While reading a lesson, a student’s mind tends to wander here and there. This can be easily traced when students devote one or two hours to read a lesson without actually grasping anything. The following tips may prove useful:

  • Develop interest:  You cannot concentrate on studies if you are not interested in what you are reading or what you are being taught by your teacher. If you are stressed with something share it with someone.
  • Be at peace with yourself
  • Don’t become nervousness. It happens when we get ourselves fixed up in set time frame.
  • Plan your study schedule:
  1.   A plan with a specific target to finish a particular topic/lesson but never fix up target which is impractical or highly overambitious.
  2. Try to study three different subjects per day, changing tasks produce a new energy surge.
  3.  Do not engage in sport or tire yourself before you sit either for a test or a study period. You should be relaxed before you engage in the task which requires thinking, concentration etc.
  4. Ensure that you are not hungry, sleepy, tired, thirsty and don’t need to go to the toilet before you sit to study or give a test. This will make sure that there are no unnecessary interruptions.
  •  Eat brain foods before you study or when you take a break during your study. Bananas, dry fruits, chocolates (in moderation) helps the brain to stay awake.
  • Create a congenial study environment in which you are comfortable. Anything that distracts you should disappear from your study area. To concentrate conducive physical environment is needed, e.g. library, home, table chair setting etc.
  • Make some rules for self: It should be clear to your friends, relatives, family members that you are not to be disturbed during study hours.
  • If you experience that while studying your mind is occupied by various thoughts, you can write whatever comes to your mind before you actually sit for study. This will help you to clear your mind of the thoughts and thus increase concentration. You may tear off the page after you have released the thoughts.
  • Make words or sentences: For making a word, take the first letter of each word and make it into a word.

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