May 31, 2011

Impact of Anger

Anger and Damage  

  • There is nothing more destructive than anger. It destroys our peace and happiness in this life.
  • Impels us to engage in negative actions that lead to untold suffering in future lives.
  • Whenever we develop anger, our inner peace immediately disappears and even our body becomes tense and uncomfortable.
  • Anger is by nature a painful state of mind.
  • It causes restless, find it nearly impossible to fall asleep, and whatever sleep one manages to get is not good and it is unrefreshing.
  • One cannot enjoy when  angry, and even the food taken seems  unpalatable.
  • Anger transforms even a normally attractive person into an ugly red-faced demon.
  • One grows more and more miserable, and, no matter how hard one tries one cannot control their emotions.
  • Harmful effects of anger are that it robs us of our reason and good sense.
  • Wishing to retaliate against those whom we think have harmed us, we expose ourself to great personal danger merely to exact petty revenge.
  • To get ones own back for perceived injustices or slights, one is prepared to jeopardize job, relationships, and even the well being of family and children.
  • Freedom of choice is lost, driven here and there by an uncontrollable rage. Sometimes this blind rage is even directed at the loved ones and benefactors.
 It is no wonder that an habitually angry person is soon avoided by all who know him. This unfortunate victim of his own temper is the despair of those who formerly loved him, and eventually finds himself abandoned by everyone.

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