Jan 7, 2014

Important to have right Attitude in Facing Exams Effectively

  •  Student should  get family support (or friends or seniors) while preparing  for exams
  •  If a student receives tough question paper, his/her thought process could be changed to its tough for all and not  only for him/her self.
  •  Proper plan and schedule time as per plan for studying each subject should be maintained
  •  Goal and plan should be for getting 100% so that at least student can achieve appropriately.
  •  Each student should have their own strategy (goal) in preparing the final exams apart from preparing for internal exams.

After results:
Maintaining positive attitude and accepting the result is important.. here family plays a very important role. 

Article contributed by:Ms.Anitha,Senior Recruiter - Talent Acquisition Team, Makro

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