Jan 7, 2014

Tips to face exams effectively...

  1. Referring Audio visual tutorials and presentations (ppts) for better understanding of concepts
  2. CD/Online Tests for practicing questions
  3.  Identifying patterns of questions from previous question papers and prioritising them for preparation
  4.  Preparing flow charts/diagrams or mind maps for the process oriented/mathematical questions
  5. By hearting important points for theoretical questions using Acronyms ex: BODMAS for Brackets, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.
  6. Practicing yoga, meditation etc will help to remain stress free on any day.
  7. But the most important point is to maintain take it easy attitude during the exam as there is life after the exam irrespective of the result.
Article Contributed by
Mr. TVSNV Prasad, Statistics & Database Programming, Makro

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