Feb 5, 2011

Factors and Symptoms of Exam Stress

Let us see the factors that contribute to exam stress
1. Unreasonably high expectations from parents, teachers, institution and society in general. Higher level of competitiveness among the youth, brought on by pushy parents teaching kids to outperform their contemporaries, are the causes for stress and hypertension in today's youth.
2.  The need to get high grades to get on track for the career one really wants.
3.  Institutions these days indulge in high physical pressure on students to do well for the sake of reputation of their institutions and this terrible stress becomes unbearable.
4.  Uncertainty about what to do next - "There are so many options, what if I make the wrong choice? "The feeling of everything changing in your life - you might be moving away to different going to college for example.
5. Negative Thinking: Negative thoughts that occur during exams are important factor that causes exam stress.
6. Lack of Self Confidence: Student doesn’t perceive his skills and capabilities good enough to be able to pass the exam. Low Self Confidence comes from the subjective belief of person about who they are, this belief is usually result of fear that student has about the inability of doing well in  the exam because the lack of knowledge.

Symptoms students suffer when they are stressed due to exams
·         Difficulty getting to sleep or difficulty waking up in the morning
·         Constant fatigue.
·         Forgetfulness
·         Aches and pains for no apparent reason
·         Poor appetite
·         Social withdrawal
·         Loss of interest in activities
·         Increased anxiety and irritability
·         "Flying off the handle"
·         Migraines/headaches
·         Blurred vision
·         Dizziness
Everyone has bad days, but if students you notice that three or more of the above symptoms you’ve
experienced them for some weeks you may need to do something about your stress levels.  If the stress and
depression, the student is going through is met and taken care of at the right time, the symptoms suffered from
can definitely be avoided.


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