Feb 15, 2011

Personal Tips for Students

Analyze the situation realistically
  • Take a piece of paper and write down what is exactly causing you stress
  • and anxiety, next to each problem write possible solutions.
  • Take a break and discuss with your parents, or your teachers (if possible) your fears and doubts.
  • Visualize and beat your fears: Attempt a mental representation of the actual conditions that cause you stress
  • (i.e.imagine in detail the actual conditions that make you feel stressed.).
  •  When you do that you will notice that the more often you imagine and visualize the exams the more familiar you will become with them...!
  • When you can deal with your fears in your imagination, you can also deal with them in reality as well!
  • Organize your study environment appropriately:
  • Create a pleasant study environment, without strong lighting and sounds.
  • Make sure that the room has enough fresh air
  • Turn off TV, radio, and telephone.
  • Find a comfortable position and lie down or sit in such a way that the head, the neck and your shoulders   are in a convenient alignment, creating a channel for proper breathing. Empty your mind from any other thoughts
Try relaxation exercises
  • For 15 minutes per day, focus on diaphragmatic breathing and try to relax
  • Replace your thoughts: "I won't be afraid", or "I will definitely succeed", With more realistic thoughts: "Even if I am afraid, I will do everything I can to overcome any obstacles in order to achieve my goals".
  • Spend a little time for physical exercise on a daily basis
  • Make sure to rest and sleep well
  • Take a daily morning bath with lukewarm water

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