Feb 5, 2011

Tips for Parents of students writing exams.

Parents also have stress when they see their children coping with exam stress. Dealing exam stress calmly will help.
  • Parents relax first: Parents should not talk about the past, instead they should be cheerful and create a peaceful environment at home. Don’t bring your childhood or past experiences here. Concentrate on present. Parents should talk less and smile more. Don’t push your desires into the child. It's just another exam.
  • Be available for your child: First of all make sure that you are available to hear the concerns and fears of your children, before you give any advice to them As parent start thinking positive and eliminate the negative thoughts. Be focused on your children and stop concentrating  on problems and potential negative consequences.
  • Work on the child’s self confidence- Remember the power comes from within and when you encourage your child to think that you are capable of passing the exam reduction of stress will occur. Anxiety of failure is normal.We had similar circumstances similar anxiety...I know "You will give your best shot.”
  • Stop Comparisons: Parents, as a thumb rule stop comparing your child with that of others. Remember every child is unique and special; identify his strengths and weakness and work on them to avoid feeling of inadequacy in your child. The message you are portraying is going to build negative self-esteem that he/she is not good.
  • Provide Balanced Diet: Often parents tend to give whatever their child would like to eat during exams. Junk food makes the body feel lethargic and creates negatives hormones. Give balanced diet add lots of fresh fruits, juices.
  • Do not Yell at Your Child:  Support your child as much as you can so that the exam stress does not affect the performance in other papers.
  • Try to Keep Family Problems Away: Do not fight in front of your child at least during exams. Such things can increase stress level of your child and make it difficult for him to cope with exam stress.
  • Avoid Questioning and Putting Pressure: Avoid bombarding with questions as soon as your child arrives after writing the exam. Give time for relaxation.  However, do not stop motivating your child to study hard. Do not forget that there is huge difference between motivating and pressurizing the child.
  • Celebrate After the Exams:  Go out for a vacation or arrange a small get together for your child with his or her friends. If you do not have time you can just take your child out for dinner or movie. Such things will help to release exam stress and your child will get motivated to work harder for next exams.
  • Reward  your child when he or she performs well and scores good marks. Remember, nothing is as important as your love, care and support for your child.

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