Sep 23, 2014

Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction Disorder or more broadly overuse ,problematic computer use or pathological computer use that interferes with daily life and is not limited to any single cause.
There are people who spend more than  hours on social networking sites without doing anything else. If you are among them who spend more than 10 hours on social networking sites/gaming/cell phone than there might be a problem. 
  • Change in mood
  • Preoccupation with Internet and digital media, video games.
  • Inability to control the amount of time spent in Internet.
  • The need for more time or new game to achieve a desired mood
  • Using Internet to avoid problems 
  • Withdrawal when not engaged in Internet/Gaming
  • Lowering of social Life
  • Getting bored with people easily.
  • Adverse impact on work,  education.

    Internet Addiction is not recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Mental Disorder but is being considered in the next edition.. Gender affects the type of Internet usage but does not affect the risk.
 Coping Mechanism
  • Admit you have Internet addiction and press Log Out button
  • Keep a log book of Internet usage on social networking sites
  • Realize that more and more people in the world are becoming addicted to the internet
  • Get a hobby or an interest that doesn't involve the internet, video games, TV, cell phones, smartphones, portable media players or computers
  • Complete your work
  • Help at home
  • Hang out with friends/relatives/people 
  • Use the Internet for the same amount of time each time you use it. Keep an alarm and stick to it.
  • Delete accounts that you really don't need anymore.
  • Delete your favorites Keep important pages you might need for work.
  •  maintain lots of offline activities.
  • Monitor your feelings when you're online and offline 
  • Call people and talk to them instead of sending message and enjoy the conversation. 
  •  Make one day a Internet Access Free Day
  • Stop updating status from mobile device or tablets
  • Spend time to learn something new.    
If you have tried ant not been able to get over this behaviour  don't worry help is available..For free and confidential support,guidance, counselling **DIAL 040-46004600 *** 10 am-7 pm *** Mon-Fri **
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