Dec 18, 2014

Campaign on Overcoming Exam Fear...

Suicide Prevention Helpdesk of Makro Foundation has completed 5 years today ie 18th December 2014. Makro Foundation has been working on promotion of positive mental and emotional health. Since our inception we have provided intervention to over  6500 clients who called us to seek help on issues of suicide thoughts, suicidal ideation, depression,stress, financial stress, academic stress, relationship stress, extra marital affairs stress, HIV/AIDs related stress, Internet addiction stress, and other mental health issues. 

As December-January has arrived its time for exams.. board exams, final exams, Intermediate -PG final students are under extreme stress phenomenon as there is pressure, expectation from all sides. So Makro Foundation has launched a campaign online and offline to help students write exams stress free. this campaign will run from December 18th 2014-March 2015. 
Under this campaign MaFo will publish articles on how to overcome stress, exam fear, how to study better, focus more on positive stress.
  1. MaFo will provide counseling direct counseling and over the phone 040-46004600 Mon-Fri ***10 am-7:00 pm. 
  2. Mafo will visit schools,colleges and talk about stress management and provide campus counselling also to the required students, parent or care givers. 
  3.  MaFo will conduct Overcoming Exam Fear tips sessions for students,parent, care givers.