Jun 11, 2012

Suicide Prevention Awareness Program at Chevela Mandal

Glance of participants

Makro Foundation in collaboration with Police Department of Chevella Mandal organised 2  Suicide Prevention Program at  Nagarguda under Shabad Mandal.  
Dates: 12th April 2012 -Shabad Mandal-covering 500 people..
and 9th June 2012...in Nagarguda...1000 people.  

Total:1500  people from 20 villages covered in 2 programs.

Rationale: In these mandal the Suicide rate is the highest as everyday cases of Suicide are reported. The reasons being financial,  relationship failure, farmer suicides, love failures, health problems.

Chief Guests on 9 June 2012  program were:
  • Member Legislative Constituency
  • Superintindent of Police
  • Deputy Sup of Police
  • Dr. Venkata Subbaiah
The program highlights were as follows:

a) Inviting Guests at The DIAS by CI, Chevella Mandal
b) Introduction about MaFo and Objective of program -Aparna, Rani -MaFo.
c) Suicide, Its Symptoms, Clues to  people for prevention, steps to be taken -MaFo Rep
d) Causes, Symptomatic features, Prevention Aspect-Dr. Venkata Subbaiah
e) Farmer Suicide- Organisation working on Farmer Suicide
f) Discussion and Questions
g) Address by Guests of Honour..
h) Play by Pallesudulu team on Suicide prevention- mass medium effective in the villages for Social Awareness Program.
The program ended with the vote of thanks by Mr. Surinder reddy-SI, Shabad Mandal and Views by Participants of the Program..
Glance at participants
Ms. Rani presenting about MaFo

SP  IPS Ms. Vijaya Kumari

Dr. Venkata Subbaiah

Village Mandal Representatives

MLC Chevella Mandal

Participants listening at the meeting

DSP Ms. Shilpa Velli Conclusion speech

DSP Ms. Shilpa Velli

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