Jan 17, 2013

All will be well in 2013

Do not carry excessive baggage.Forget unpleasant things that may have happened in the past.Get rid of old and be ready for new. No man can become a master of himself until he learns the art of forgetting. Leave behind-frustrations, resentments,hates, regrets. Its too heavy a baggage and it will tear you down.

Make God real in your daily life..Awareness of Gods presence should become an integral part to our daily living. We have to remember him every moment of our life,we have to bond with God and experience His presence.

You must become new:Its important to rejuvenate, revitalise, renew ourselves so that we can become new. It does not mean the looks..it meane shaking off the accumulated negativities of the past and assuming a new self.

Begin with what you have. do not wait for conditions to change,Now is the time, here is the place. Content makes poor man rich and discontent makes rich man poor.

Expect the best and you will have: Be positive: Every thought you think is a magnet: it draws to itself what you think about. Think success, prosperity,joy,peace and it will come to you. The universe works like an echo--whatever thoughts you think will rebound on you.

Take action now...Begin doing what you want to do now.We are not living in eternity.Be realistic also.We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snow flake.

Pick up these and make it part of your life and all will be well in 2013.

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