May 29, 2014


The usual sources of support available are:

  1. family
  2. friends
  3. colleagues
  4. crisis centers
  5. health care professionals.

How to approach the resources?

  • Try to get the permission of the suicidal person to enlist the support of the resources, and
       then contact them.
  • Even if permission is not given, try to locate someone who would be particularly Sympathetic to the suicidal person.
  • Talk to the suicidal person beforehand and explain that it is sometimes easier to talk to a stranger than a loved one, so that he or she does not feel neglected or hurt.
  • Talk to the resource people without accusing them or making them feel guilty.
  • Enlist their support in the actions to be taken.
  • Be aware of their needs also.
When to refer when the person has:
  • psychiatric illness;
  • a history of previous suicide attempt;
  • a family history of suicide, alcoholism or mental illness;
  • physical ill health;
  • no social support.

How to refer
 The  counsellor  must take the time to explain to the person the reason for the
  • Arrange for the appointment.
  • Convey to the person that referral does not mean that the health worker is washing his
  • or her hands of the problem.
  • See the person after the consultation.
  • Maintain periodic contact

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