Jul 5, 2012

Drunkards turn to lizards for a high!

TOI-July 5,2012
AHMEDABAD: Mahesh and Devang, 25, are fast friends. Among other interests, they share a strong liking for intoxicants and highs. A huge chunk of their earnings as factory workers went for alcohol. But, recently, when they ran out of money, they turned to a different kind of intoxicant - one that crawls on our walls: lizards.

The strange addiction of Mahesh and Devang came to light in an even queer manner. Tired of trying to make ends' meet, the duo recently got enrolled in a de-addiction centre in the city - Gujarat Kelavni Trust- and told a strange tale - before joining the de-addiction centre they had hit on this unique way to get a high. Each night they would pluck lizards from walls and eat them for a high. However, after getting enrolled in the centre, they could not follow this routine and this was causing mood swings and sometimes even violent temper.

Programme coordinator Shraddha Roy said: "This is the first time that our centre has got lizard addicts. Whether this practice can actually give a high is a subject of investigation. However, addicts who are used to alcohol or chemical drugs often take to such methods when they are low on finance."


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