Jul 17, 2012

Positive Thought

An holy man was discussing with God and said: God, I want to know the difference between heaven and hell. Straigh away God took the holy man to a couple of doors. He opened the first one and the holy man looked inside. In the middle of the room was a big round table. On the centre of the table was a big pot and in the pot was a stew that smelled really good. People sitting around the table were skinny and weak. It seem as they were starving. They all had spoons in their hands that had long handles but their hands were tied to their chairs. They were able to get the food out of the pot with the spoon but since the handles were longer than their arms they were unable to get the food into their mouth.
The holy man was surprised by the misery and suffer he saw. God said: now you have seen hell.
Then they went to the second door and God opened it. The holy man looked inside and saw the excactly the same image as he saw in the other room. The big round table with the pot of stew in the centre. The people had the same spoones with the long handle. The difference was that these people were well fed, cheerful, healthy and spoke to each other.
I don`t understand this, the holy man said.
It`s simple, said God.
But it takes one talent. Like you see, these people have learned to feed each other with the long spoons, while the greedy people only think of them selves.
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