Jan 17, 2013

Counselling sessions before exams for Students are as important as extra classes’

With board exams nearing, both schools and classes X and XII students are going an extra mile to complete their syllabus and revise the lessons. Apart from special classes, schools are holding counselling sessions to help students de-stress.

Rashpal Bansal, a counsellor who holds workshops for students especially during board exams, says, "With exams one and a half month away, students are feeling pressurized. During workshops, I try to tell them to relax. It is important to study, but at the same time they should participate in extra-curricular activities too. Otherwise, they will feel stressed out. Schools should hold counseling sessions, as these are as important as extra classes."
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  1. Today students are trouble to write exams,definitely they need counseling.I would like to appreciate to share this post,thanks for adding...