May 18, 2012


Developing self esteem is about liking yourself and appreciating your talents, abilities and
attributes. This does not mean becoming egotistical or vain. It merely means acknowledging your good traits and qualities.
Your self concept has a great deal to do with your self esteem. If you continually tell yourself
you are a failure, a loser, a poor student or whatever terms you use to put yourself down, you are
feeding your low self esteem and creating a negative attitude. You are reinforcing what others wrongly caused you to feel about yourself. If you accept that they were wrong, or perhaps ignorant in doing this to you, why would you chose to do the same thing to yourself?

Building self esteem requires action; it is not something you can wish for, purchase or borrow.
There are things you can do everyday to help build your self esteem. Here are just a few:
⇒ practice positive thinking
⇒ visualize success everyday
⇒ accept compliments and believe them
⇒ seek counseling through difficult times
⇒ identify your values
⇒ identify your goals
⇒ be honest in expressing your strengths, talents, and skills
⇒ learn from constructive criticism
⇒ write down your accomplishments everyday
⇒ give yourself credit every day
⇒ take action on ideas you believe in
⇒ nourish your physical, mental and spiritual self
⇒ forgive those who have hurt you
⇒ make time for self development every day
"It is only by taking risks everyday that we live at all."

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