May 18, 2012

Prevention Steps

How to talk with your child about Sexual Abuse?

  1. Children as young as four years old can understand the basic concepts of good touches, bad touches and confusing touches. Use the words "sexual abuse" when talking with your child because if a child is victimized, they need to be able to tell you that they were "sexually abused!"
  2. Teaching your child about sexual abuse further empowers your child to participate in his/her own body safety! 
  3. Children need to hear information more than once. Discuss the information with them in bits
  4. Good communication between you and your children is the most important way to keep them safe from sexual  abuse. A trusting and loving relationship creates a climate in which children are not afraid to confide in  their parents.
  5. Talk to your children every day and take time to listen and observe. Learn as many details as possible about your children's activities and feelings. Encourage them to share their concerns. 
  6. Explain to your children they have the right to say NO to anyone who might try to touch them.
  7. Tell your children that some adults may try to hurt them or make them do things they do not feel comfortable doing. Often these adults tell children to keep what they are doing a secret.
  8. Explain that some adults may even threaten children by saying their parents will be hurt.  If the children ever tell the secret. Emphasize that an adult who does this is wrong and that they should tell. 
  9. Tell your children that some adults they know, trust, and love (such as a friend, a relative, or a teacher) might try to touch them inappropriately.
  10. Try not to scare your children.
  11. Emphasize that most adults never do this and are deeply concerned about protecting children from harm.

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