Apr 1, 2014


I on behalf of Life is Hope - Asha Blog am extremely excited to join this challenge of A-Z blogging. This is the first time I am part of this challenge.  In this one month I plan to write mostly on matters related to Emotional/Psychological health.

So today I would like to start with “Attachment”   with letter A.
Attachment is defined as a deep and enduring bond that connects one person to another across time and space (Ainsworth, 1973). The quality of attachment indicates the character of a parent child relationship and is a good predictor of a child’s future behavior.

John Bowlby the father of attachment theory says that the early relationship between parent and infant determined the behavior and emotional development of a child. Though there may be criticism of this theory but from my personal experience and working in the area of child development I have observed that children who receive affection, care from parent/care givers have the best chance of a healthy development. When they grow up, they have trusting relations, healthy behaviors; develop positive relations amongst their peers, able to cope with stressful situations.
Hence I would like to request today’s parent to build lots of trust in your relationship with your children  give quality time, lots of love, be there when they need you, make them feel secured in times of despair and it will lead to a very good investment in creating a secured future of child. Positive attachment will make him/her more confident. They need your attention, time love and care.. not the expensive gifts which you try to replace in lieu of your time.  Pledge today  for your more of your  love and care  instead of the  expensive gadgets/gifts and develop positive attachment.



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    1. Thanks Corrine for all the support looking forward for the experience

  2. I like you theme & the post :). Looking forward for more interesting posts.

  3. This is an awesome reminder to parents! My children are grown, but I am so thankful we gave them quality time! I will look forward to more here!
    Sharon at idaretobehappy.com

    1. Really Shary my child is small now and I have been experiencing this also..

  4. Thanks aparna for reminding me about this theory ! I am learning to be the best mother to my daughter !