Apr 11, 2014

Internal Stress

Stress is a natural and normal part of our day. Without some stress we would not have
the energy for living. Stress can cause us to push a little harder in an athletic competition, and it can motive us to complete a project at work. Stress causes us to react quickly when there is an emergency by pumping adrenalin into our system.
Stress can be caused by negative or positive factors. A job promotion, company coming for the holidays, a death, or illness in the family can all be stressors.Usually it is not the big things that cause us the most stress, it is the day-to-day hassles, which seem to pile up and become intolerable. When stress is not handled properly unhealthy responses develop.
 Stress is the effect that life events create on us. Stress is your mind and body’s response or reaction to a real or imagined threat, situation or event or change or people. The word `stress` is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "a state of affair involving demand on physical or mental energy".
There are two kinds of stress: external and internal stress. Today I am dealing with Internal stress only.
Internal Stressors are inside thoughts, our self. Values, beliefs, faith, goals, selfimage, Your brain interprets and translates complex changes in your environment and determines when to push the panic button. How one interpret, perceive and label your present experience and what you predict for the future can relax you or stress you. Eg worrying about looks, breakups in relationships dress, all the time, financial hardships, Nutritional status, Attitudes, Thoughts, Feelings of anger, fear and worry,Anticipation,Imagination,Memory,Overall health and fitness levels, Presence of illness and infection, Emotional well-being, Amount of sleep and rest we get, a perfectionist,  a worrier,a workaholic,a procrastinator,  super responsible, self critical,a people pleaser. Internal stress comes from inside us and determines our body's ability to respond to, and deal with, the external stress-inducing factors or stressors.

When we manage internal stressors we enhance our ability to deal with External Stressors or situation that arises from environment like Job, Relationship, Finance etc.
Steps to manage Internal stress so that our body can handle internal stressors more effectively are:

·       Healthy nutrition -correct food supplements to help cope with stress
·       Dealing with anger, fear and worry
·       Developing a positive mental attitude
·       Exercising moderately, but frequently
·       Practicing daily relaxation techniques
·       Dealing with sleep disturbances
·       Being aware of circumstances that you cannot change but changing your attitude.
·       Strengthen your beliefs and strive to move positively in a forward and more successful direction
·       Be open to constructive criticism
·       Work closely with people who make you feel good about yourself
·       Love Yourself
·       Maintain a neutral stance by staying focused and calm


  1. We cannot live without stress, but we must learn to manage our stress !

    1. Yes Angela we have to learn to manage internal stress

  2. Replies
    1. Yes Nabanita stress has become a huge part of life...and we have to learn to manage it..