Apr 3, 2014

Crisis Management

Crisis Management
Most of the times we want to lead a planned life. But practically in life everything does not go the planned way we do face crisis in our lives at some point in our lives.  A crisis can occur as a result of an unpredictable event or as an unforeseeable consequence that poses a potential risk of dwindling our daily schedule. They can hit us at any time and sometimes at the least expected time.
Crisis situation could vary from person to person, family to family…for eg: In personal front-Death of earning member of family, medical emergency, loss of job, accidents, children failing in exams and not able to handle it, suicides, Abuse, cheating by family member, divorce, earthquake, flood, cyclone and many more.  In work environment could be job crisis, team crisis, job loss, company bankruptcy, strikes, layoffs, product recalls or allegations of misconduct.
Managing a crisis is reacting to an event that has already occurred.  Often during crisis we have to take decisions within a short time under extreme stressful conditions. There are no quick fix solutions for dealing with a crisis. Each situation is different than the other.  The level of handling a crisis situation and stress and trauma one can take is based on factors like age, gender, personality, emotional health, physical energy, spiritual maturity and family connection.

We have to understand that we cannot run away from any crisis situation. Rather than being on denial mode the first step would be accepting that there is a crisis. If needed to griefs please don’t deny yourself your right to grief in personal loss.

Though I may be stating here it is difficult to be calm but still the need of the hour is to   understand/assess the magnitude, severity of situation so that we can develop coping strategies

During this time it’s better if we can avoid blame game as it worsens the situation.

During this hour we might require people’s help don’t hesitate to take help. During crisis it’s very important to be together as a team in an office or as one unit of family friends in personal crisis so that we can have the strength to be able to overcome the crisis.

Handle stress well if not able to manage it take professional help in terms of counseling.
Sometimes crisis situations  can make us prone to anxiety, depression, fears, doubts, resentfulness, hatefulness and bitterness but often when we look back at those crisis situations they have  pushed  us to stretch and grow into a more disciplined and focused human being. I always believe that no one can sort the crisis in my life I have to take charge and work towards resolving it.
Crisis Management at Job


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