Apr 28, 2014


Wellness is the state of being healthy in body, mind and spirit. It is a way of living making correct choices,  that encourages good physical and mental well being. Various interrelated dimension of well ness are:

SOCIAL: Perform social roles effectively and comfortably, and create a support network.
OCCUPATIONAL: Enjoy your occupational endeavors and appreciate your contributions
PHYSICAL: Maintain a healthy body and seek medical care when needed
INTELLECTUAL: Have an open mind when you encounter new ideas and continue to expand your knowledge
EMOTIONAL: Understand your feelings and cope effectively with stress
SPIRITUAL Develop a set of values that help you seek meaning and purpose.
ENVIRONMENTAL Respect the delicate balance between the environment and ourselves
FINANCIAL: Maintain a balance in financial health 
 I would like to also mention that Health is a state of body while Wellness is a state of being. So i would suggest choose wellnes... 

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