Apr 29, 2014

You and Yourself

Today I would like to talk about "You.. the being" . The first thing that comes to when my mind is to define who you are in your terms. You cannot be yourself  if you don't understand and  accept yourself. 
Take the time to dwell upon- what you value, take time to consider what makes up the essence of who you are.. believe me if you don't do this life is like incomplete.... If you do this it will go a long way in self actualization and realization.
It is very important to accept that its not possible to be perfect so be kind to your self and treat yourself as you would treat your loved ones..In tune with this the first act of being kind to self is thanking self ...we have a gift of 86400 seconds today have we spent time to thank self. 

Also Life is about finding and creating yourself..Let the world know you as you are not as you think you should be..because sooner or later if you are posing you will forget that you are posing and then where are you?..Remember you are born original don't die a copy..

Being Yourself is

Please tell me at least 1-2  things about yourself that u love..when you drop by this blog..

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