Apr 16, 2014

Mood Swings

Most of us have different moods in our daily life, sometimes we are happy sometimes sad,  some days we have high energy and other days we have low energy. Mood swing is a sudden or swift change in the mood of an individual.  Some persons who are more optimistic have these types of mood swings in their normal course of routine to overcome problems and issues.
Sometimes mood changes interfere with our ability to manage our daily duties/routing in our life that’s when we need to take professional help. For e.g. our relationships get affected due to moodiness, losing touch with reality.
Moods are thought to result from interplay of chemicals in the brain; the cause of mood swings is not known, but they may be related to imbalances in these chemicals.  Mood swings can occur as a symptom of
psychiatric disorders, such as bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder, or they may result from a medical condition that directly affects the central nervous system, such as dementia, brain tumors, meningitis, and stroke. Mood swings can also result from conditions that deprive the brain of nutrients and oxygen, such as lung and cardiovascular diseases. Substance abuse, medication side effects, and hormonal changes are other potential causes of mood swings. Academic, employment, financial, legal and relationship problems may result from mood swings.
Managing mood swings include: For immediate affect take good hot bath, eat something with sugar, listen to good music, appreciate self, wear good clothes and make feel good factor, pray etc. Others steps include  control inner worries and thoughts, Mood journals to track the changes in moods during different times of day to understand the triggers for mood swings,nutritious diet help to control mood swings, exercise, yoga, meditation, jogging, good sleep, maintaining daily schedule. Avoid alcohol, caffeine sugar self medication.
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  1. I have never been prone to mood swings and have a difficult time being around those that do. I never understood why people allow their circumstances control their mood when their mood should affect their circumstances!

    Carol @ Battered Hope

    1. grt carol u are not prone to mood swings.. if people can follow what u said will really help them long way...

  2. Very inspiring post.Every one has mood swings sometimes. They must not be allowed to overtake your whole being.We must not allow mood swings to over power us. We must involve our selves in yoga, and other physical and mental exercises.

  3. yes we should be able to have control on our moods if frequency is too high take professional help..