Apr 22, 2014

Relationship and Transparency

We have learnt that in any kind of relationships --transparency plays a key role for success / failure of that relationship. In one’s life he/she has many relationship – business, social, community, personal etc
It’s basically being honest and when the foundation in relationship is honesty the relation blooms naturally to its epitome.
Merriam-Webster dictionary defines transparent as: free from pretense or deceit; easily seen through; readily understood; characterized by visibility or accessibility of information, especially concerning business practices.     
Becoming transparent is that there is no difference between our beliefs in what we say, we think, we act and what we really are which leads a trusting and emotionally healthy relationship. When we are not transparent we are not trusted.
As we become more self-aware - emotionally and spiritually mature - we're able to show up authentically, allow our voice, our wisdom, our thoughts, our motives and be who we really are - our True, Real and authentic Self.
Now my next submission is I have received so many cases where people have got into trouble for being too honest. There was this lady by name Ms Sunita who had a relationship before marriage which did not work out. So after marriage she revealed this to husband by telling that she is over it now and am not touch with him at all. But over the years whenever there was a fight between them he would always accuse her of being a women without character and called her various names.. Slowly he started doubting her and things turned bitter where they needed professional help to sort out things. 

I  just wanted your thoughts on this.... Do you think people are completely transparent in relationships…Pros and cons.. Whats your opinion? 


  1. If you ask me transparency in relationship should depend on people. Not everyone is made to handle honesty. They should know what kind of person you are and your real self... but as for uncomfortable truth, it's not mandatory to reveal everything.

  2. Yes absolutely I agree if the opp party is not able to accept truth as black and white it may cause more damage sometimes....one should just take care not to hurt anyone with any lies..